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A Reboot for 2015!

For our latest web site refresh (the one you’re looking at now!), we’ve decided to start with a clean blog slate. So although we’ve been around for five years, our site reboot is going to count this as Blog Post #1. Besides…everything else is just so 2104. 

Our aim is to post on a range of topics, but our focus will remain on things we’re most passionate about: design, technology trends that effect the user experience, beautiful brands, and interesting products.

Oh...and why the picture of Max at the edge of some canyon in southwest Texas? It’s a pic from one of our motorcycle trips that helped us clear out the cobwebs, reboot our creative thinking, and had us considering all the projects we wanted to work on. Given that state of mind, we thought it a fitting image to get things kicked off. Thanks for checking in.

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