Black Mercury

Branding & Product UX


Our branding, UX and visual design execution for turned around a declining business. 

PRODUCT STRATEGY / PROTOTYPING / BRAND / UX / DESIGN had been resting on the laurels of its coveted domain name for years, and they decided it was time to invest in a new audience and go toe-to-toe with the biggest gaming sites. After hiring a big name “digital agency” and getting little to show for it other than fat bills and bloated “creative support teams”, decided to go back to basics. We provided persona development, research, prototyping, and design that resulted in a 29% increase in page views domestically, and 39% internationally. 

Black Mercury constantly presented new ideas and suggestions that improved our product without impacting delivery dates, allowing us to see double-digit growth verified with A/B testing.
— Christina Wick, General Manger had been tied to the AOL brand since it was conceived back in the 90′s, but in 2013 the decision was made to bust out of the AOL corporate brand. Working with a lean team of AOL decision makers, Black Mercury created a range of brand explorations for that expressed the excitement, surprise, and addictiveness of some of the best casual games on the web. The new direction earned a Webby Honoree Award in the Games category.


We designed a game publishing portal that opened new markets for thousands of developers.

When decided to re-invest in their brand, they knew that engaging the developer community was critical. They needed a dedicated site for developers, empowering them to upload games, peruse analytics, track revenue, and get paid. We knew the challenge: complex backend systems, tricky layered authentication schemes, and intricate interaction models. Right up our alley. We designed and prototyped the experience from the ground up, launching to an international press event at the 2013 Game Developers Conference.